Long Hagan Huff-Harris continues to work with clients to create their estate plans amid the COVID-19 pandemic. LHH Legal is closely following the development regarding pending legislation that would allow virtual signings of will, trusts, powers of attorney, health care proxies, and other estate planning documents. Until legislation is passed, estate planning attorneys are using a variety of creative measures to protect clients and their families from potential exposure.

Recently, Attorney Long performed a signing by placing the clients’ document binder in his cleaned trunk. When he arrived at the clients’ home, he called them on the phone and opened the trunk where the documents were located. The clients placed the documents on hood of his car where Attorney Long could witness their signatures. The clients then returned the documents to the trunk, wiped the folder down with Clorox wipes provided in the car, and returned inside their home. Attorney Long then exited his vehicle, opened the trunk with gloves, reviewed the signature to ensure that everything was signed and dated properly. After confirming proper execution of the estate planning documents, he let the clients know they had signed everything properly. After returning to the office later that day, Attorney Long notarized the documents and prepared them to be filed and recorded, as necessary. 

This is just one example of the creative methods estate planning attorneys are using to execute documents. Other attorneys at LHH Legal have used documents place on a table on their porch, signings in large open spaces such as the office parking lot, or under the awning of the office in poor weather. 

Estate Planning Attorneys at LHH Legal know the importance of making sure that your will, trust, power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and other estate planning documents are signed properly. Estate Planning Attorneys at LHH Legal also understand the concern our clients have in getting these documents signed now. This is why Long Hagan Huff-Harris continues to meet these needs by continuing to hold signings.

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there are certain legal transactions not within ESIGN’s scope that are still done in person, including wills, testamentary trusts, adoptions, and divorces … [b]ut states can and have enacted their own laws to enable eSignatures in such matters.

Source: ‘Wet’ Ink Signatures Requirements May Fade After Coronavirus