In honor of the medical professionals and first responders on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic, LHH Legal is offering 50% off all basic estate plans from now until May 1, 2020 for doctors, nurses, paramedics, and other medical professionals in Massachusetts. These basic estate plans include a will, trust, durable power of attorney, and health care proxy, along with other ancillary documents.

Long Hagan Huff-Harris attorneys and staff are using virtual and phone consultations, in lieu of office meetings, to create and develop clients’ estate plans. For further information and details please contact Attorney Sean Hagan at 617-752-2654 or

Dr. Marshall said he’s been encouraging his colleagues who don’t yet have wills to draw them up. “We know what’s coming,” he told me. “There are a good number of people who are going to die here,” he said, and “health care workers will be part of that number.”

Dr. Vicki Jackson, the chief of palliative care and geriatrics at Mass General, said she recently told her husband that she wants him to remarry if she dies … These are the kinds of conversations that many doctors have spent their careers urging patients facing serious illness to have. They are now showing us how it’s done.“

Most people are in complete denial that your life can change on a dime,” said Dr. Jackson. “In medicine we know it, and we are more likely to talk about it.” Because of the coronavirus outbreak, she added, “the veil is less opaque right now. And I don’t think that’s bad.”

Source: Opinion | Doctors Are Writing Their Wills – The New York Times



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