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We’re passionate attorneys proudly serving Massachusetts businesses and families in all aspects of estate planning, family law, and business law. As trusted advisors, we strive to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation by bringing empathy, accuracy, and a cost-effective approach to everything we do.

Above all, every team member must follow our Golden Rule: We serve our clients’ best interests, not our own.

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Estate Planning & Probate Administration

Trusted advisors in protecting your family and your finances.

In estate planning and probate matters, we combine superior technical expertise with a deep understanding of people to help you make informed, intelligent decisions at every step of the process.

We also draw on strong courtroom experience to draft highly precise estate planning documents. More than most, we understand what can go wrong when so many details have to be exactly right.

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Family Law & Divorce

Working to achieve the best possible outcome.

When it comes to family law, you won’t find a more thorough or compassionate team of people working to help you. For us, there’s no winning or losing in family law. Our goal is to get you through a stressful, overwhelming time with as little damage to you, your family, and the other side as possible.

Unlike some attorneys, we work to reduce conflict, not foster it — but when push comes to shove, we’ll fight for your rights like no one else. Child custody disputes and high net worth cases are our specialty.

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Business Law

Committed partners in your business goals.

In the highly competitive Boston market, many of our clients retain our small business attorneys as outside counsel to help navigate the complexities of business ownership and operation. We also help clients with business formation, drafting contracts and agreements, succession planning, and buying or selling a business.

By working to understand each client’s needs and goals, we help Boston businesses grow and prosper, sometimes over generations.

Our Team Approach

With over twenty team members dedicated to the client experience, Long Hagan Huff-Harris is small enough to feel personal yet big enough to serve clients efficiently and effectively. By taking a practical, planful approach to every legal matter, we provide outstanding service while minimizing billable hours. We’re transparent about costs and tradeoffs to help clients decide where it makes sense to spend money and time. For case-related tasks, we assign the right people at the right rate to keep client expenses in check.

Our Core Values

In every aspect of our practice, our core values shape the way we treat our clients and each other. We strive to live by these principles:

  • Caring: caring about our clients and the best result for them and their loved ones
  • Passion for Excellence: ensuring excellence down to the detail in everything we do
  • Bravery: having the courage to persevere when facing challenges
  • Transparency: being open and honest and providing clear communication
  • MacGyver: being resourceful in finding solutions to complex problems
  • Roadhouse: not backing down when it’s time to stand up for others

Enough about us. We’d love to learn more about what your legal needs are. Contact us to set up a consultation!

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