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Estate tax attorneys in Boston and surrounding communities often counsel clients to create a revocable living trust due to the Massachusetts inheritance tax and the high home prices.

An estate attorney helps minimize inheritance tax, avoids the high costs of probate, arranges for the transfer of assets after you die, and drafts documents that allow you to appoint individuals you trust to make health and wealth decisions for you.

Even modest estates can be subject to state estate tax, “death tax” and creating a trust can minimize or eliminate the tax owed after death.

Estate planning involves planning for your incapacity as well as the distribution of your assets at death.

A basic estate plan consists of a will, health care proxy, HIPAA authorization, living will, durable power of attorney, and often a revocable living trust.

Without an estate plan, a court will decide who gets your assets based on state law (intestate succession) rather than you deciding.

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