At Long Hagan Huff-Harris, we offer comprehensive probate administration and estate litigation services to help you manage your loved one’s affairs effectively and resolve any legal issues that may arise.

Navigating the probate process can be challenging, especially given the large amount of administration tasks following someone’s death or when families fight, further involving the court.


Area of Practice


Our team provides efficient and thorough probate administrations, handling tasks such as asset valuation, creditor notification, and distribution of assets. We work closely with a personal representative (formerly known as an Executor, Executrix, Administrator, or Administratrix) an heir, a devisee, and any other beneficiary, to ensure a smooth transfer of assets and that the decedent’s wishes are carried out.

When representing a personal representative, we help the client to petition the court for appointment, work to collect and value assets, help them sell the decedent’s house, pay debts and expenses of the estate, and properly distribute the assets to the heirs, devisees, or other beneficiaries.


When a family member has passed away who did estate planning during their life such as a last will and testament, revocable trust, or other type of trust, the who has been selected to serve as trustee likely needs the help of an attorney. For most of our clients, this is a new and sometimes confusing role, which they have little to no experience doing.

We at LHH Legal, guide clients through this process by dealing with the creation of trusts to hold shares for each beneficiary, addressing the payment of state estate tax, or selling real estate held by the estate or trust.

At Long Hagan Huff-Harris, our goal is to provide our trustee clients with the piece of mind that they are carrying out their fiduciary duty correctly and to minimize conflict between the trustee and a beneficiary.


When disputes arise regarding an estate or trust, Long Hagan Huff-Harris has a team of experienced attorneys who are ready to go to court, if necessary, and to provide strategic legal representation. Whether there is a will contest, a beneficiary is disputing asset distribution, or a trustee or personal representative is facing allegations of breach of fiduciary duty, we will advocate for your rights and work towards a favorable resolution.


Long Hagan Huff-Harris estate planning clients regularly select our firm or specific attorneys to serve as trustees of their revocable trust or irrevocable trust. We work with beneficiaries to manage assets and provide discretionary distributions to a beneficiary.

Additionally, LHH Legal works with certified public accountants (CPA) to make sure that trust tax returns are properly filed and compliant with state and federal tax regulations.



With extensive experience in probate, trust administration, and estate litigation, our team has the knowledge and skill to handle both simple and complex cases.


In estate litigation matters, we take a strategic approach to advocacy, aiming for efficient resolutions while protecting your interests and rights.


Whether you need assistance with probate, trust administration, estate litigation, or trustee services, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your needs and goals.


James Gardner Long III, Esq. is one of the original founders of Long Hagan Huff-Harris. Today he leads the Litigation & Administration Division of the Trusts and Estates Department. In this role, James defends clients’ inheritances, beneficial interests, and appointments as trustee in will and trust contests and fiduciary litigation. In addition, he works with clients on both contested and uncontested probate and estate administrations.

In the courtroom, James has fought to protect and maintain his client’s interests following the death of a parent. In a recent case, he succeeded in recovering a Client’s inheritance after a co-beneficiary created a fraudulent will which would have disinherited the Client entirely. In New York, James has defended the rights of beneficiaries when an overzealous trustee sought to punish the beneficiaries for questioning the trustee’s authority. He has also defended a purchaser of real property’s interest against alleged beneficiaries of an alleged trust seeking to undo the transaction.

In step with his fellow attorneys at the Firm, James has worked to avoid the costs of litigation by using alternative dispute resolution strategies. He has been able to settle disputes through mediation and settlement agreements. James has also resolved disputes in favor of his clients by using demand letters, which have led to a collaborative posture with the trustee or beneficiary. These strategies to avoid court time and filings have saved his clients significant legal fees.


Let our attorneys help you navigate probate, estate, and trust matters. Whether you need assistance with administration tasks or legal representation in litigation matters, we’re here to help.

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